Sunday, September 15, 2013

Spices Online in Indonesia

Have a plan to buy spices online from Indonesia? Well, before you decide to start where I think the story below hope will be useful for you since I am in a plan to write a book related with spices online. As we know that Indonesia already know as the land of spices in the world, Indonesia know also as the spices paradise in the world, but poor for Indonesia since the spices farmer level not get enough benefits from this sector and more spices trader got better profit than a spices farmer. The problem is no ability in Indonesia Spices farmer to acces the spices market with directly.    

There is many kind of spices can be find in Indonesia. I believe if you already familiar with vanilla beans, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon and pepper. Then what is definition of spices is?     

In simple language, spices is parts of plants or herbs that have a strong scent, long lasting flavor and can create the dishes at the same time preserving foods is that can be called with the spices . The plants that produce a strong aroma that can be seeds, roots, tubers but excluding the leaves.
Not only limited to flavorings, spices as natural food preservatives antimicrobial because the content there in , the use of spices also have been known since ancient health due to its high content of antioxidants in it , call it like Ginger, Clove, Vanilla Beans and Cinnamon. What is an antioxidant? Sourced from Wikipedia, antioxidants are substances that are useful to slow down the oxidation process, this substance is also known as the content material supleman beneficial foods to maintain health and prevent certain diseases such as cancer and coronary heart disease.

Indonesia, a country which already known since long ago with the richness of spices and spices diversity, starting from sea expedition undertaken by a sailor Ferdinand Magellan Portuguese nationals who serve in the Spanish empire in 1519, one of five ships sailing vessel named Victoria ended up winning when he found the Maluku islands we know as the royal herb and spices in Indonesia.

The market potential is tremendous, sourced than the website Republika Online, it predicted in 2015, the potential value of the herb spices world demand needs to reach up to 85.73 billion U.S. dollars in trade volume amounted to 51.76 thousand tons, while consumption growth spices world community itself is the average 10% each year with the largest market share of the United States. No less attractive domestic market demand in herb spices that usually come from medicinal plant industry and cigarettes manufacturer.

Indonesia, the country nicknamed spices islands, sourced from Indonesian Spices Board website, there are more than 1100 kinds of herb spices plants that exist in our beloved motherland but we new collection of 200 species of herb spices plants that successfully documented. Pepper is a spice produced in Indonesia is a favorite the world where there is Clove, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Turmeric and Vanilla Beans also.

What is Gourmet Vanilla Beans?

Have a plan to buy vanilla beans? Well, as my hope this post will be useful for you especially to know about kind of vanilla beans quality. It will be easy to buy vanilla beans at this time since many vendors start selling it by online, or you can vanilla beans in your visit for vacation to some tropical country such as Indonesia, Indonesian Vanilla Beans, but actually how good vanilla beans should be?    

Have you hear about gourmet vanilla beans? Some vendors offering vanilla beans base on country origin, example is Madagascar as we know as the biggest vanilla beans producer in the world with the name of Bourbon Vanilla, other country is Uganda with the name of Ugandan Vanilla Beans, India with the name Indian Vanilla Beans and Mexico with the name of Mexican Vanilla Beans. So what is Gourmet Vanilla Beans?  

When you bought vanilla beans with plump, pliable, moist, oily and soft condition that’s called gourmet vanilla beans, well some people called it also by Prime Vanilla Beans or Premium Vanilla Beans. Why gourmet vanilla beans can be plump, pliable, moist, oily and soft conditions which make it visually attractive so it can be a feature ingredient in gourmet cuisine? Trust me, when you got vanilla beans like this so it will make you difficult to use because very love it!   

High moisture around 30-40% is high quality of vanilla beans called gourmet vanilla beans, and lower grade vanilla beans contain around or it can be under 10% in moisture, this the reason of why if gourmet vanilla beans can be plump, pliable, moist, oily and soft conditions. How to check if you bought gourmet vanilla beans? It easy to check, gourmet vanilla beans will not break when you work with it. So when some vendor offering you with fresh vanilla beans, make it sure it will be plump, pliable, moist, oily and soft condition as gourmet vanilla beans or premium vanilla beans. Need information about vanilla beans? Please visit,

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